Two-Person Ranch Business Transitioned to Group Health Insurance Policy

The Snyders

John and Connie Snyder, Abilene

With help at every step, a business owned by 2 people moved from employer-provided insurance to a tailored group health policy.

Last year, Connie Snyder and her husband, John, received a letter from Cattle Raisers Insurance (CRI) that piqued their interest in a group medical insurance policy.

They had never considered themselves a “group.” It’s just the 2 of them in Abilene. Their ranch, which has been in the Snyder family for 150 years, is in Shackelford County. But after a conversation with Michele Woodham, Snyder discovered that she and John, both owners of the ranch, were indeed eligible to be considered for a group medical policy.

“Out of curiosity, after getting the letter from Cattle Raisers Insurance, I called and talked to Michele. She very patiently explained it to me and she said, ‘Connie, if you have all this information about your business, then you may have all the paperwork you need to get a policy started.’

“We had worked with our lawyer years ago to set up our business properly. It was just an unbelievable opportunity because the insurance where I worked wasn’t going to be available anymore. “I had to find something and that’s when I found out about Cattle Raisers Insurance. They advised me on how to fill out the paperwork from the papers I had for our ranch business.”

Snyder says the new policy provides them with a lower deductible, better prescription medicine coverage and the peace of mind that comes with handing the doctor an insurance card that is recognized and readily accepted.

Customer service has helped the Snyders transition from employer-provided insurance to their group policy with a minimum of disruption.

“Michele made us feel we were the only client she had. It was like I was a family member and she just went above and beyond the call of duty to help. Jeanette Ortega (CRI group account manager) was the same. They guided me through every step and when I had questions or didn’t know what to do, they would help.”

Snyder is not alone when she says the experience of trying to find health insurance is “a mind-boggling, horrible decision-making process. God bless the association for having staff members to take care of people who are out here, and don’t know what to do and are scared to death of making the wrong decisions. They made it easy.”

If you would like information on a group medical insurance policy, please call 1-800-252-2859 or click here to get an insurance quote today

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