Rural Doctors and Urban Specialists

Jenny Pluhar for Cattle Raisers InsuranceJenny Pluhar and her husband have been clients of Cattle Raisers Insurance (CRI) since 1993 and have no plans to change anytime soon.

Between living in a rural area and having a run-in with melanoma, Jenny Pluhar says the insurance offered by CRI is allowing them to use the doctors they want and get the tests and care they need.

In 1993, Pluhar’s husband “left his job and we needed to do something other than COBRA. We looked into several ‘somethings.’” They found the medical insurance offered through TSCRA suited their needs.

If you follow Pluhar on Facebook, you may have seen her update on her experience with melanoma. She explains that years of driving in the Texas sun, with her left arm out the window of her pickup, resulted in a case of skin cancer. “I’m on a few Facebook groups for melanoma and I see what other people are going through with their tests and follow-up exams and their insurance providers. I’ve had times where my doctor has tested and retested and we have had no problem getting anything approved. They’ve never balked on anything.”

Pluhar is the executive director for Texas Grazing Land Coalition. She manages 3 ranches for Taylor Properties in the Panhandle. Her husband is involved with livestock investments with a partner.

She says that in their rural environment, “We have had no problem using any doctors where we live, including several specialists in Houston. We have had no problem getting approval for any. We are sticking with the insurance we have because we use it. To have medical insurance coverage that nobody questions is huge.”

She says her condition is NED, or “no evidence of disease.” She keeps a check on her skin “all the time,” and encourages others to be checked. “I’m not the only person I know who has driven with my left arm out the window. You see a lot of agricultural people at the melanoma part of M.D. Anderson. Sun protection and regularly checking your skin are so important.”

You may reach the Cattle Raisers Insurance team at 1-800-252-2849. New clients are always welcome. Click here to get a medical insurance quote today!

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