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Cattle Raisers Insurance offers Teitsa Mann a total, encouraging package of customer service

“I’ve been in charge of health insurance for my family and our business for years and years,” says Teitsa Mann, Dallas. “I’m telling you it has never been like this. I have never worked with an insurance agency with this caliber of excellence,” she says of Cattle Raisers Insurance (CRI), part of Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA).

A CRI client since 2013, Mann says, “We had individual health insurance coverage for many years and dealt with several different agents over the years. Most of them were independent agents who represented various companies. They were able to offer quotes from various companies at annual renewal.

“However, none of them offered the breadth and depth of customer service and knowledge, professionalism and courtesy that we received at Cattle Raisers Insurance from Day 1,” she says.

With the enactment of the Affordable Care Act, Mann says, “It was even more important for us to be with someone who is staying up-to-date with what’s happening, offering the latest information, the latest plan and keeping us in the loop as we tiptoe through this transition.”

The CRI staff works hard to stay current on the changes the Affordable Care Act brings to medical insurance. It is important to Michele Woodham and the CRI staff to be able to help clients like Mann find and carefully evaluate their options.

For instance, Mann learned that she and her husband qualified to be a group insurance plan purchaser.

This allowed them to consider plans that offered wider physician networks and more options than insurance plans offer to individual purchasers.

“My husband had a total hip replacement in 2016 and it worked out very well. He was able to use the surgeon he wanted,” she says. The doctor they wanted to use had not been in physician network offered by their old individual insurance plan, but the surgeon was in the physician network offered by their group insurance plan.

“My husband was able to have his hip replacement with the surgeon of his choice and he had a fabulous result,” she explains.

Switching from an individual plan to a group plan took a few steps, but CRI was there the entire way, making sure they had the proper documentation to qualify as a group.

“It’s a very reassuring and comforting feeling to know that when something comes up or there’s an issue, I can call Michele and she is going to get back to me. And if she doesn’t know the answer immediately, she gets it quickly and lets me know. It’s a real package deal at CRI — comfort factor, professionalism and the knowledge,” Mann says.

You may reach the Cattle Raisers Insurance team at 1-800-252-2849, or click here to get a medical insurance quote today! New clients are always welcome.

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